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YBLost CyberSpy

Find Out Just About Anything About Anyone

Warning: This Information May Put Many Private Investigators
& Detective Software Companies Out Of Business

Beware of Detective Type Software Products that almost always claim they will show you how do everything using the net. Many exaggerate and flat out lie about their products. Alot have old outdated information, bad links, and they do not deliver what they promise. They simply cover their claims by providing you with links to Information Brokers!

I Have Seen Software Companies Selling Detective Software And Making Claims That It Will Allow A Person To Have Access To Just About Anything They Want. What I Looked At Out There Was Nothing More Than Glorified Browsers With Web Site Links To Public Information Web Sites That Were Arranged Under Topics Or Search Subjects, They Had A Few Worthless Interactive Features, And They Threw In A Few Freeware Software Applications They Got Off The Net

We all want to save time, money and energy when we are searching for information and we all know how hard it can be searching the vast amounts of information on people. Investigators and/or Information Brokers can sometimes obtain it faster but all of us can not afford to pay what it costs. It took them years to learn all the Secrets and Tricks of the Trade and now you can learn it instantly. I have developed a short cut that I use to train professionals with and you will be able to have the same information. Did you know that you too can find out practically anything about a person and/or business on your own? Armed with the information I have gathered over my 21 years as a Professional Skip-Tracer, Debt Collector, Repo. Agent, and Bounty Hunter you too can investigate like we do by utilizing the same sources that I use, and the same information many Police, Private Investigators, and Government Agents have used for years on my YBLost CyberSpy Web Sites. Track people, locate subjects, collect debts, do background checks, screen people, and so much more. You can obtain information on millions of subjects with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The information I provide is the "Real Deal". I need money at this time so I am selling access to my insider information that will provide you with an extensive listing of my custom designed web sites, access to thousands of my personal search pages, passwords to access my search sites, and you can do it all right on the Internet.

My web Sites and information can be accessed by you right from your computer desktop browser without having to install and use clumsy software.  That's right, you do not have to download any software program to use it or search my web site databases. No need for you to purchase software updates because our CyberSpy Web Sites are used daily by Law Enforcement Officers, Thousands of Professional Debt Collectors, and Investigators who constantly update the information and provide new information in exchange for free use of my web sites. We update the web sites just about everyday with something new and exciting.

With this information you can have a Complete Solution To Conducting Your Own Investigations! You'll be amazed at what you can find out for free with this information. Here are a few of the subjects I cover.

Find People Who Are Missing - Send Anonymous Email, Letters, and Faxes For Free - Search Criminal Database Records - View FBI Files - Find Out The Truth About Someone's Past - Search for Business Records - View Court Documents - See Peoples Blue Prints On Their House, Apartments, Or Business - Locate Military Personal - CIA, & Secret Service Information - Track Anyone's Online Information And Activity - Surf Anonymously on the Net - Find People Who Have Changed Their Names - Locate Deadbeat Parents - Find Addresses From a Phone Number - Checkout Peoples Neighbors - Track Cell Phone Numbers - Free Voice Lie Detector Software For Your Phone & Computer - View Peoples Tax Records - Verify A Social Security Number - See Property Ownership Records - Check Out Peoples Criminal And Civil Court Records - Create a Map With Directions to a Person's House - Find Out How To Obtain A Physical Address From A PO Box - Obtain Information Driver's Records - Vehicle Ownership - Tax Liens - Judgments - Find Out What Professional Didn't Pay Their Student Loan - Search State UCC Filings - Obtain Driver's Records - Conduct Employment Screening - Obtain Lawsuit Information - Make Free Long distance Phone Calls Anywhere In The World On Your Phone - Get Links For Secret Cam Corders Online - Virus distribution and Prevention Sites - Search Underground Bookstores & Gather Underground Information. Find Unusual Products That Are Spy Related Gadgets - Find Lost Money, Investigate Your Family History, Birth, Death And Social Security Records - Obtain & Verify Your Own Credit Reports And Learn How To Correct Wrong Information. How To Beat a Speeding Ticket - Secrets Of Credit Repair - Beginners Guide To Hacking And Thousands Of Hacking And Virus Scripts - Discover How To Check If Your Phones Tapped. Learn How To Claim Government Land - How To Obtain New ID And The Many Ways To Disappear Completely - Protect Your Family And Home and Much, Much More!


When I Receive Your Payment I will provide you with a complete "How To Guide", Secret Web Site Addresses, Your Own Personal Passwords, and Large Selection Of Free Downloadable Related Tools & Software. Not only does my information provide you with the sources and tools that are useful in gathering information on others but it will also provide you with instructions, an organized guide, and information that will explain what each source can provide, how to use it, where it's located, and how to access the information.

I also have Access Relational Database Programs with all the information on my web sites in it that can be customized to your needs and it is interactive with the Internet and has Artificial Intelligence. Phone dialing with built in Voice Stress Analyzers (lie detectors) an for an additional charge. With this software you can interact with the Credit Bureaus, the Internet, and do debt collections, investigations, and skip-tracing with your MicroSoft Office and/or Access Software Programs. It can aid you in just about any type of informational search and investigation by saving time and making smart decisions that are cost effective when Investigating.

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