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Avoiding Debt By Finding The Best Deals


Fixed rate doesn't mean fixed payments.
Your monthly payment changes every year even though you have a fixed-rate mortgage? Welcome to the wonderful up-and-down world of escrow, which can raise or lower your house payments based on changes in your taxes and insurance costs.

What will mortgage rates do next?
The government's Consumer Price Index is the gauge those in the know use to get an idea of which way mortgage rates are headed.

Should you get a refund anticipation loan?

Shopping for a credit card

Checking your credit
Do you really need a credit card?
Shopping for the right card
Types of credit cards
Understanding fixed vs. variable
Credit card shopping worksheet
Understanding the terms

Finding the best deals

How to find the best deals
Don't get gouged by high rates
How credit cards can cost you
You have a card? Keep looking
What's a gold card?

Your credit rights

Your protection & the law
Credit card fraud
Truth-in-lending rules

Final words: Avoiding Debt

How to manage your credit wisely
What to do if you assumed too much
Last resort: Bankruptcy
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Checking/ ATM fees
Credit cards
Credit unions
Home equity
Money markets
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How to
Calculate your payment
Check your bank
Countdown to Y2K
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Manage your credit
Master the basics
Watch market rates
The Best Deal
Click Here For checking survey finds that the The best deal in the nation comes from Bay Financial Savings Bank. And, once again, not one of the Top 50 biggest banks in the U.S. makes on the best-deals list.
Tax Information
Tax tips
IRS warns of a new scam on phony Social Security refunds.
Tips on dealing with the IRS and lowering your tax bill.
How to get an extension
Credit Card Information
Best credit card deals
Best overall credit card rate
Lowest intro rate
Lowest rate after intro expires
Credit cards with rebates
Best platinum credit card deals
Best gold credit card deals
Credit cards for frequent fliers
Secured credit cards

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