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Time: The way a pebble would cause a ripple in the reflection of a pool is how the appearance of the light looks. Past, present, and future exists at the same time and moment, in each state, but at different frequencies. The past is occurring now on a different frequency and the same is true of the future.

You are able to change the past and the future by changing the present. Therefore; 

The science of Quantum Physics will help solve the mystery (Love You P.A.} High Frequency - Freedom

The experiences:

year 2000 - 2100 (21st Century)
event General: The Earth will undergo major changes. Much happens in the way of scientific progress. Detail in this period can not be released just yet.

year 2071
event San Francisco and Los Angeles are leveled by a great earthquake. Shortly after that another earthquake will destroy New York City. It will be rebuilt and renamed New City. San Francisco and Los Angeles will retain their original names after they are rebuilt.

year 2100 - 2200 (22nd Century)
event General: hunger, greed, jealousy, prejudice, and other negative aspects of society decrees greatly. Solar power is used in everyday life. Many medical advances in Psychology and Psychiatry happen. Life span increases to about 90 years old

year 2153
event A 70 foot high pyramid structure made of glass panels is referred to as Phobos. It has pipes on the bottom of it stands in the desert with no other structures around it. The source of it's energy is the Sun. There is an irrigation system inside the structure. Living quarters are in the far corners of the pyramid. There are many plants and supplies in it. Phobos is a self sufficient structure with 300 hundred people occupying it. Specially selected scientists live in the pyramid temporarily for experiments in silent communications. The people in the structure do not speak with words from the mouth and they do not write things down. In Phobos the people communicate by thinking thoughts, producing images, and projecting the thought produced images of energy to another. The people were one piece coveralls. The coveralls have different colors, and each color signifies a persons function and rank. As a person progresses in their duties they are given another color. The colors are as follows from lowest to highest; 1) Red, 2) Beige, 3) Orange, 4) Yellow, 5) Green, 6) Violet. Later after the Phobos experiment in silent communication ends, the pyramid is converted and used for farming purposes. Farming is done using Hydroponics (a way of growing plants in water with no soil). Computers monitor the ratio of various nutrients in the water, and people double check the computers results.

year 2200 - 2300 (23rd Century)
event A big increase in technological advancements. Transportation systems become almost noiseless and very efficient. Nuclear power is used extensively. Sophisticated computers are integrated in to every household and are used in everyday life. Advanced education is emphasized and readily available. Experiments in weather control are becoming more successful. The average life span increases to 110 years old. 

year 2206
event The Ministry Of Peace has a four year training period. At the Ministry Of Peace, training is done with simulators (self teaching). The participants go along with diplomats after certain phases of training is completed. Comprehensive examinations are given to the participants in training with the Ministry Of Peace and Federal Regulation apply to all Ministry Of Peace policies and procedures. There is a part of the Ministry Of Peace called the Diplomatic Core. The Ministry Of Peace is a member of the Western Federation Of Nations. The Western Federation Of Nations consists of; Brazil, North America, Central America, Western Europe, Africa, and Middle East. The other major power at this time is The Eastern Alliance. All countries that are not members of The Western Federation Of Nations belong to The Eastern Alliance. They consist of; Russia, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and some Smaller Islands, along with parts of Eastern Europe. The main difference between The Western Federation Of Nations and The Eastern Alliance are philosophical. Major forms of transportation at this period in time are Monorail above ground and something likened to a subway. No cars are permitted inside city limits. Noise and Air Pollution is has been reduced greatly. The average life span is 110 years, and mandatory retirement is at the age of 85 years old.

year 2207
event Attempts to regulate weather using high pitched sound are ongoing. Weather experiments conducted by the Western Federation Of Nations caused an earthquake in Brazil. At this period in time Solar Discs (or SD's which are large structures that slowly rotate in wide arcs) are used for heating, cooling, and providing energy to cities. Omni-Regulators prepare forms of consumables that are preprogrammed in by people. View-phones are used as a device you can speak into with a small screen attached to view the caller. Many devices like doors, windows, computers, and appliances are controlled by voice commands. 

year 2221
event India is not happy with the Eastern Alliance and has been trying to join the Western Federation Of Nations for years. The arbitrator in charge who is in a very high position with the Ministry of Peace (section C-311) is involved in negotiations to resolve the matter. 

year 2235
event No wars, and no catastrophes during the past fourteen years. No movements or protests. Mankind learned to live peacefully at this time. Prejudice, jealousy, greed, hunger, and fear have become extinct. 

year 2271
event Silver plates that hung on the wall with emblems but no writing on them exists and only a few craftsmen can make them. The plates are used as a means of currency. There are other types of currency available but the plates are unique as they are used as a means of holding massive amounts of wealth. Society seems to value Silver more than other metals at this time.

year 2273
event Molecular technology advancements make it possible for people to transport from one place to another using molecular reassembling. The Molecular reassembly unit exists on a round platform. There is a coordinate tracking system used to set the Molecular reassembly unit. The reassembling information is programmed into the unit by the tracking system. These units are only used to travel small distances. The advancements at this time have also made it possible to use the Molecular Technology for sustenance (small units are used to nourish people while they are sleeping.) At a meeting with a man, another man and a being, part human in appearance and part machine. A description of the being is as follows; the top half of the being was what looked like a female in form with a shaved head, slanted eyes, and very pale skin. The bottom half was attached to the top as a mechanized apparatus used by the being the same way a person would use a wheel chair to get around. At the meeting the man plugged his insurance policy into the wall, the screened asked for an identification number, and the man met with the other man and the being about insurance. After the insurance policy was read, the closing statement said, "...insured against defects in workmanship, MARS 1522. 

year 2300 - 2400 (24th Century)
event International and political problems recur. A small scale nuclear war happens. There is a reduction of world population More geographical changes take place on the earth’s surface.

year 2400 - 2500 (25th Century)
event A much larger war destroyed much of the worlds population. The war will not primarily affect buildings but it moreover will terminate human life in great numbers. As a result of the war contamination is present and it poses many dangers to the people at this period in time. Human Mutants exist as a result of the war and they are treated with very fine lasers but overall the treatments are not very successful. The government is known as The League Of One (referred to as; The League) which consists of various specialty teams with specific functions and duties to perform. Underwater Cities increase in size. Space Ports represent transportation centers like airports and train stations used in the 20th Century. A person can be transported from one transportation center to another by disassembling the molecules of the persons body and reassembling them at the other transportation center destination. The molecular beaming procedure is only used for short distance travel. Another mode of transportation is the nuclear-powered mini jet aircraft’s that transports 25 to 50 people to various small cities and there is also very large nuclear powered aircraft’s that carry 150 to 500 people to major cities only. The League assigns millions of androids all over the world to do all types of lifting, cleaning, general maintenance, and very specific functions. Mental telepathy is increasingly being used as a form of communication. A pill of some sort exists that can put a person in a psychic state and allows a free exchange of thoughts. Still experimental, but much progress being made at this time. An information pill exists which is available daily and has all the scientific achievements, new items of general interest, and all the latest advancements in it. Indestructible plastic is used extensively in construction of vehicles, buildings, and machinery. A lot of research being done on interplanetary and intergalactic travel. It still take an enormous amount of time to travel great distances in space to other galaxies. This is to Keep Love Alive and change a moment; One transportation Depot that is known as R-16 has 2 androids (D-7164 and E-431_) that are programmed to perform specific cleaning and organizational tasks. They are assigned to the transportation unit location (R-16). Many people have been using the transportation units and time lapses between the transportation units have been increasing. People will get hurt and the units are unsafe if a person is disassembled for longer than 5 minutes. {Listen~ Zeku, do not work on the R-16 circuit by the main power unit. Do not attach the new circuit or replace the defective circuit, the unit will activate - leave it alone and go home-keep Kara -Lus-Lu needs you- You are a part of the future~}. Love Faith and Hope is what will last, your faith will determine the outcome. 

year 2500 - 2600 (26th Century) 
Sophisticated genetic engineering is used. One Democratic form of government will insure the rights of the people. Sickness and disease will be almost unknown. Interplanetary travel is top priority. We have made contact with beings from other planets. Note: Overall, one thing stands out. Mankind will soon become increasingly desensitized in time resulting in a lack of emotion in the future. Emotional reactions decrease greatly. Emotion is vital and should be preserved at all costs in human kind. Transformation exists at this time. The termination room is where people change units. People take their turn and change units in the order of things at this time. Lie down on the table, devices are put on the fingers and the person just goes to sleep. The device takes all of the energy of the person out of the body so the person can be placed in a more appropriate unit. People do not grow old or grow-up. The people are just transferred. The bodies are not mechanical, the bodies (units) are totally biological. The person is extracted and stored, then transferred from storage to the new biological unit. 

year 2542
event A New City is developed under water in the ocean. More and more people are choosing to have children with scientific intervention. Genetics makes significant advances at this point in civilization. Any undesirable Genetic Qualities can be altered or removed from a Man's Sperm and/or a Women’s Ovum Eggs. Very fine Lasers and Radiation are used in the procedure. Most people have chosen to avoid intellectually or physically inferior offspring at this period of time.

year 2546
event Major geographical alterations of the Earth's surface take place resulting in Earthquakes, Title waves, and other natural disasters. Much of the land is now submerged, and most Nations are wiped-out completely. There are no separate Nations at this time. The human population is less than one billion and worldwide, all of mankind is existing as One Society. Weather Control Teams work on Thermal Transformers that regulate the weather, humidity, and ground temperatures. A series of Thermal Transformers are set up all over the world. The average temperature is controlled at 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

PS God Is Real and Loves Us.


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