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Debt Collectors Hall Of Shame

How Much Does It Cost If You Get Caught
Using Illegal Debt Collection Practices?

The ACB Companies (American Creditors Bureau)
May 6, 1987 $350,000 in civil penalties

American Family Publishers magazine subscription marketer
April 24, 1990 Charged

Allied Bond & Collection Agency, Inc. (Allied)
February 13, 1996 $140,000 civil penalties

NCB Collection Services Inc And Attorney Thomas P. Tedeschi
October 17, 1989 $40,000 Penalty

G&L Financial Services, Inc (Goldman & Levine)
May 16, 1996 $10,000 Civil Penalty

Great Lakes Collection Bureau
August 30, 1995 $150,000 civil penalty

IS International (ISI)
July 23, 1996 $10,000 civil penalty

Nationwide Credit, Inc
October 6, 1998 $100,000 civil penalty

National Financial Services ("NFS")
1 March 13, 1998 $625,810 Penalty

National Financial Services (NFS)
2 July 24, 1995 $550,000 PENALTY

Payco American Corporation (PAC)
March 8, 1995 $500,000 civil penalty

Account Portfolios, Inc.(API) subsidiary, Perimeter Credit, L.L.C
Feb.18, 1999 $300,000 civil penalty

Miller-Plante, INC., and H&S Industries, INC
June 9, 1998 Charged

General Electric Credit Corp(GECC)+Montgomery Ward Credit Corp
Aug.10,1998 $97.5 Million Settlement

First North American National Bank, owned by Circuit City Stores
Nov. 20, 1998 $11.7 Million Settlement

May Department Stores Company
November 2, 1998 $22 million and $125,000

American Billing & Collections, Inc Aug. 27, 1998 $25,000 Settlement

Nationwide Credit, Inc., dba: Credit Claims & Collections
MAY 26, 1992 $100,000 civil penalty

Trans Continental Affiliates (TCA)
MAY 17, 1995 civil penalties $10,000 each violation

Checks Plus Collections
January 25, 1996 SANCTIONED for12 violations

Federated Department Stores-The Bon-Bloomingdale's-Macy's
Feb. 18, 1998
$7.5 Million settlement

Sears, Roebuck & Co
September 3, 1997 pays $950,000  for illegal debt collections

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