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NAIPI Endorsement
Net Detective 8.0 is currently being used
by Private Investigators across the country.

Net Detective 8.0 has received the endorsement of the National Association of Independent Private Investigators (NAIPI).

Investigator's Electronic Notebook

The Investigator's Electronic Notebook (IEN) offers a collection of information and organization tools that an investigator may find useful in his day to day operations. Some of the applications and tools available within the note book are:

    • Daily Planner
    • Contact DB
    • Investigative Sources DB
    • Investigative Tools
    • Case Log DB
    • Missing Person's Checklist

Plan your investigations, manage and schedule your contacts with the built-in calendar and address database. This handy notebook makes it all easy for you.

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Disk Snoop

Disk Snoop is a utility that will allow you to search any hard drive for different internet type files. Quick searches are provided for internet graphic files, HTML files and text files. Disk Snoop will also allow you to search for a specific file using a file name.

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People Locator

The purpose of this section is to provide you with general information on some of the sources that investigators and others use to locate people.

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Net Track & Spy

This utility you can use to secretly spy on other's surfing habits. Once the utility has been set up on a system, it will record all URLs that are visited on the internet using a secret log file.


Background Investigations

Many investigators and other researchers will use online internet information brokers to obtain public records, nonetheless, with a little leg work, internet surfing and research, one can obtain most of their subject's background information from public sources.

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Robert J. Carlson, St. Paul, MN.

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"..been snooping on my friends,
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The Net Detective Search Utility

This is a very useful tool that remains as an icon in your system tray (where your clock is) until called upon, at which point it becomes a powerful desktop search tool for the Internet. With it, one can locate people, search newsgroups, locate businesses, or even perform general searches, using only a couple of key strokes.

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