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-All words -Any Word -Exact Text will search Top Search Engines all at once or individually. In one keystroke you can use "The Hound" and search; Alta Vista, Excite, HotBot, InfoSeek, Lycos, Magellan, OpenText, WebCrawler, and Yahoo.
(Submit Site) Email directory listings are selected, described and categorized by Snap directory teams. The directory is an organized hierarchically system, leading from general topics to more specific topics. Snap is powered by Inktomi.
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Thunderstone Has Indexed, cataloged searches, and searches the major search engines. It is a state of the art solution to intelligent information retrieval. A most comprehensive text retrieval interface software for collecting web documents.
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WebCrawler offers a wide variety of customized search features. Summaries are simple. WebCrawler is part of Excite, Inc. Many categorized indexes are available by topic and subject to search from.
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WhatUseek has a searchable index that is constantly being updated and verified. It utilizes an advanced, custom designed  Thunderstone technology as its search engine platform.
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Yahoo is a well know Search Site with detailed, well displayed, simple pages. Search by index of topics, subject, category and many other sources of information you can use. One of my favorite web sites to find what I need.
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ZenSearch is a Porn and Hate Free Web Site. You can run Searches by index of topics, subject, and category. A 100% Quality Site where the staff lives "One Day At A Time". Accurate, Unique Results with a humane touch.
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For Zillions Of Links

  • This is a low rules environment, in which it is possible to take Internet technology to its cultural limits and have some Eclectic Fun.
  • Search by category, topic, and/or subject or use their search engine.
  • Quality Directory and Quality Search Engine. No Scams, No Adult Sites, No Spams. No Advertisements, No Banners, No Gizmos, No Frames, and Minimal Graphics. Focus is on Search Results.
  • Disabled people and computer technology merge with their Web Directory and Internet Resources.
  • Is the essential resource for all that's African on the World Wide Web.
  • The oldest and cleanest search engine on the web. Links to the web's best sites all on one easy to navigate page
  • Small Business Network this is the place on the Internet to get the latest in business information and resources and they provide you with a collection of powerful interactive tools to enhance your presence on the web. Best of all, IT'S Free.
  • Over 500 of the Internet's best search engines, databases, indexes, and directories in a single site. This Site is Worth A Bookmark. 
  • Lists the top search engines as well as links for numerous topical searches.
  • Pick a category to see all the listings in a particular category or use their fast search engine.
  • A Grand Team effort. This site is set up to search by category, topic and/or subject. Their search engine has accurate results and was fast to respond when tested.
  • Asian related search subjects, topics, and categories. Channels and search engines available. Free classified and forums.
  • Asia Trade is a premier business and leisure online directory and search site.
  • The unique directory of unique things. They only accept the top 1% of the submissions they receive and only list sites that are unique resources on the net.
  • Organizes the Web with over 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. A text-Only Site is also available.
  • Free Web Site promotion. Site Search set up by category.
  • Effective services and programs for On Line Business Groups, Web-masters and Entrepreneurs. Many Services Are Free.
  • GTE Superpages media services. Search the Yellow Pages and shop online.
  • Includes people searches, Web searches, White pages and Yellow Pages. Email address service also.
  • Bell Atlantic Electronic Commerce Services. yellow pages by category, topic, and/or subject or use their search engine.
  • Is a Web Business Guide to 43,161 companies listed in 192 categories.
  • Search over 15,000 Web shopping sites and North American Mail Order Catalogs with over 96 million product offerings for individuals and business.
  • Takes your query string and request information from major search engines then removes all the duplicates and dead links and returns results with lighting speed.
  • Queries 16 search engines at one time. You get relevant results from as many search engines as you want. And you can customize your search to mimic Cyber411 and its search results. Your searches can be as specific as you want - you’ll even be able to use full sentences.
  • Canadian site with the most relevant and up-to-date news and information. Canadian and international news, financial data, online shopping, free e-mail, career postings, a business and people directory – and more.
  • The Canlinks Directory is a comprehensive listing of world wide web sites with an emphasis on Canadian Sites.
  • China's premier full-service web site and your connection to China's surging market. Explore Chinese culture, famous tourist areas and scenic attractions. China's largest, full-featured bi-lingual search tool.
  • Is an easy to use service that consolidates all business to business activities, applications, and complete communication in one place. All industries. All markets. Worldwide.
  • Search database by keywords, Unlimited Web Space, Free Site Support, Free Counter, Free Chat Room, Free Clip Art, Free Email and Daily E-Newsletter, and Free E-Fax!
  • Is a Web Site for consumers to exchange comments about products and services. You will appreciate the contribution to this growing database of consumer messages and know-how.
  • Bringing together vendors and end-users who possess key pieces of the Internet commerce puzzle, and helping them jointly seize important market opportunities. For all of those who have a dedicated interest in promoting the business of electronic commerce.
  • Cool Site Of The Day is required daily reading for anyone interested in keeping up with what's happening on the Web. Even if you don't agree with the picks, it is worth knowing what these Arbiters of Online Coolness think.
  • Is a simple site with multiple search indexes. Fast and clean.
  • Is your A-1 resource for pet information both on & for pet fanciers, exhibitors, breeders, dogs, cats, clubs, rescue, products, services, publications, informative articles and much much more.
  • Only Quality Sites that Stand Out from the Rest. They support advanced search syntax, removes duplicates, and is able to use both English and French Search Engines
  • Search engine and provides free services for the Internet community such as free home page (20MB of space with short URL which easy to remember), free lifetime e-mail and more.
  • Search a category index of a "grass roots" global community of people in common bond Internet working to help each other achieve their personal, business and financial goals. Save money. Make money. Spend wisely and keep more of what is made.
  • Search Cams worldwide. These images are actually live feeds and may take extra time to download.
  • an "All Family Resource Web Site" that has over 900 pages of resources plus 1000's of links to other sites to help families in need and provide helpful information.
  • Search over 75 million files and use the category index channels to find what your looking for.
  • Web Search Engines and Web Directories set up in a very simple easy to use format.
  • Restaurants, food service professionals, homemakers and chefs can find what they need when they need it! The largest database of information on food related sites throughout the world. Searches home and commercial food web sites for keywords as well as recipe and wine sites.
  • Is a leading Internet services firm specializing in online communities and Web management consulting.
  • Wide range of services  Directory and internet search (spam fighters).
  • Explore Neighborhoods in Yahoo's Geocities and sign up for a free web site.
  • GNA Global Network Academy will assist you in all aspects of virtual and distance learning with their Online Distance Education Catalog, which currently lists more than 17,000 courses and programs.
  • (Full Disclosure) Search subjects on Inside Information, Privacy, Surveillance, Technology, Internet, Government, and more.
  • Directories and navigational guide to the Internet,email technology to businesses, weekly electronic newsletter, search engines, and more.
  • HandiLinks
  • HaReshima - a search engine and links specifically for Jewish and Israeli sites on the web.
  • Highway 61 - a search site with a sense of humor: submits your search to Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler, Excite, and others and lists the results on a single page.
  • HomeComs Global Village
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Hyperseek
  • ICQ IT!
  • InfiniSearch
  • Information Outpost - Simply type in what you are looking for below and they will send the information back to you via e-mail. 
  • InfoTiger
  • International Development Institute - has a list of search engines, e-commerce/banking links as well as internet and intranet data for engineers.
  • Internet Search & Promotion Tools
  • Israel Top 10 Sites
  • Jayde
  • Jump City Reviews
  • Langenberg - This Site is Worth A Bookmark. Offers lists of searches covering many different topics, from Search Engines, People Searches, acronyms to zip codes.
  • Linkcentre
  • Linkease
  • LinkMonster
  • Linkzone World
  • Links2Go - surf the web sideways.
  • List of Lists - Search this site to look for a list on a specific topic.
  • LynxOfTheWeekList
  • Macrocosm USA's Central Links
  • Mall Park
  • Marshall's Hotlinks
  • Ms.DaChanni
  • MegaGo
  • MetaFind
  • MetaSearch
  • MetaW3
  • myGO
  • Mulitmeta - a bilingual search that incorporates seven browsers.
  • Music Search
  • My Virtual Reference Desk
  • Netbreach Family Friendly
  • NetMall
  • NetScape
  • OK3 Web search guide
  • OneKey
  • Orientation Costa Rica
  • Ottawa Best Internet Directory
  • Pengs
  • Power Links
  • Pronet
  • Qango
  • QuestFinder
  • - A 100% kid safe search engine.
  • Reference.COM
  • Rescue Island
  • REX
  • Scrub The Web
  • Search Engines Galore - Lists major U.S. searches as well as search engines worldwide.
  • Search Engines Page
  • Search Engines Worldwide - has links to search engines on over 110 countries
  • Search King
  • Search Spaniel - lets you search multiple search engines (currently over 200) simultaneously or individually from a single text box. Results are returned either on a single framed window or in individual windows. A People Search form is also included. A new Java interface has been added for even speedier searching.
  • Search Super Snooper
  • Searchopolis
  • - boasts the top search engine for the industry.
  • Seven Wonders of the Web
  • SmartPages
  • Splat Search - named because of the way websites are splattered all over the place.
  • Starting Point
  • Study Web
  • Suite101
  • Supernews Usenet Search Engine
  • (GTE)
  • Surf Central Dot Net
  • Surf Point
  • SurfWax - does a "metasearch across seven major search engines, each which has its own rules for criteria then automatically consolidates and simplifies these varied rules. Search AllTheWeb. AltaVista, Excite, Google, InfoSeek, Lycos, Yahoo.
  • Switchboard - Look up over 90 million individual and over 10 million business phone numbers.
  • The Big Eye
  • The Net One - Search engine with numerous categories.  Numerous web promotion links here.
  • Pathfinder
  • Too Cool Leave-a-Link
  • Tribal Voice
  • USAOnline
  • U.S. Yellow Pages
  • Ultimate Solutions
  • Use It!
  • Verio Metasearch
  • Wall Street Directory
  • WebNexus
  • Web Places
  • WebRing
  • Webseekermall Search & Classified's
  • Websurfer
  • Web Trawler
  • Webwombat - One of the world's oldest search engines.
  • What's Nu
  • Where2GO
  • Who's Best?
  • WHOW
  • World Digest
  • World of Interest- Hot Sites Index
  • WorldLight
  • World Pages
  • World Wide Yellow Pages
  • WWW Announce
  • wwwARTchannel - uses more than 500 world search engines to research everything from antiques to the theater
  • Yeehaa
  • Yellow Pages Superhighway
  • Your Webscout
  • Z-Hub Website
  • Z-search - Uses a quick-reference style that covers several topics including WebTV.

Searching Gopher

  • News Index - News-only search engine. Their catalog currently indexes over 300 newspapers and news sources from around the world.
  • - c|net's news source.
  • Thunderstone - Find headlines, business news, sports, science and international news in real time.
  • TotalNEWS - links to major news sites all over the web.
  • Get Noticed

  • FastCounter - Get a free hit counter for your pages.
  • ListBot - Start your own free email list.
  • Search Engine Watch - Gives details about how the major search engines work, how you have a better chance to be listed higher and other tips on submitting your URLs.
  • PositionAgent - See how your site ranks on major search engines.
  • Site-See Submission Service provides a free analysis of your site's position on several popular search engines.
  • - Contains tools and links to get your site higher in search engine results.
  • Submit Express will register your site with over 30 search engines for free.
  • Web Site Garage - Enter a URL and this site will run a full diagnostics check.

Miscellaneous Searches/Information

  • Acronym Finder -- A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.
  • Presence Web - The Domain Name search engine
  • WIRED Magazine Archive

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