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Who do you contact if you are being harassed
and abused by a Collection Agency or an Attorney
that collects Debts? The FTC can help you with Illegal
Collectors, and Credit Bureau Reporting Violations also.

The FTC is the main Federal Office that can help a person to learn about the Consumer Credit Reporting Laws and Debt Collection Laws that govern Bill Collectors, Attorneys and the Credit Bureau Reporting Agencies.  To obtain important information about your rights go to the following web site and read on.

FTC Search Results - Consumer Publications

The FTC Enforces Collection Practices.

You can get help securing your Rights and learn more about the rules that govern Collection Agencies and Attorney's collecting 3rd party consumer debts at the following web site:

Consumer Protection Information

The Federal Law Protecting Consumers

The "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act"

You may need to File A Complaint!
Use the FTC Secure Online Complaint Form

Talk To Us - Complaint Form

You Can Stop Them With A Letter

Click Here, Select Your State And See How
The Attorney General's Office Can Help You

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