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Did You Know This?

First I want to show you a simple way to find out if you are being bugged and how to find the bug.

Tip 1: Almost all bugging devices work on a FM frequency because they are simply wireless transmitters.

If you think a room is bugged then put a television or radio tuned to an AM station in the room with the volume turned up fairly loud.

Then use another radio tuned to FM and start turning the dial very slowly starting at the bottom of the numbers.

If you hear the television station or radio that was tuned to an AM station on your FM radio then you know you are bugged.

Now move around the room very slowly carrying the FM radio. If you hear a squeal or feedback then that means you are getting closer to the bug. The more squealing or feedback the closer you are getting.

Second I will describe how to find out what telephone number is dialed if the call was taped.

Tip 2: There may be times when a person wants to know what telephone number another person has dialed from their phone.

If there is a tape recording of the call, getting the number that was dialed is easy. All that needs to be done is call their own beeper number and play the tape recording of the telephone number that was dialed into the mouthpiece of a telephone. In a minute the number that was dialed on the tape recording will be displayed on the beeper.

It has been said that bank account numbers, including Swiss bank accounts, have been found out because tape recordings have been made of unsuspecting persons when they have dialed the telephone number of their bank account, stock brokerage or retirement fund to transact business or to check account balances.

Other Information

The Files Listed Above Are The Property Of
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wiretaps.txt 23758 Can Wiretaps Remain Cost-Effective? By Robin Hanson

This Information Is For Educational Purposes Only. Always Consult With Local Law Enforcement And An Attorney To Find Out What The Laws Are And What Is Legal Or Illegal Regarding This Information Prior To It's Use. 

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