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I Do Not Agree With All Of These Web Sites
But Freedom Of Speech Is Important

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These Web Sites Are Personal Opinions of the individuals who own the Web Sites linked to We Allow Free Speech!

We allow and will list Links to Other Web Sites (those being accused and/or those defending themselves with regard to any Web Site that is Linked Here).  Each party should be able to tell their side of the story.

People have taken the time to voice their opinions, and if another party wants to take the time to do the same, it should be allowed.

We Want Only The Truth! We are not Judges! We encourage Accused Parties to tell their side with "Rebuttal Links". Rebuttal Links will appear next to any and all Web Site Links listed here for those that want to defend themselves and/or tell their side of the story (we must in all fairness).

We Will Not Allow Nasty Graffics, Threats, Incitements To Riot or Intent To Harm Anyone In Anyway Which Is Against The Law, and We Do Not Permit what we feels is Foul Language to be associated with our Web Sites.

We make no claims, endorsements, or warrantees in regard to Links Listed and/or Their Content. If you see something you feel is wrong please email us, and tell us so we may investigate it, and correct any error. If you have a question about a legal issue, please talk to an Attorney.

ConsumerAffairs.Com is an independent organization working on behalf of consumers worldwide. It is not affiliated with any government agency and is provided at no cost to consumers

File A Complaint By Clicking Here

Debt Collections Click Here

The American Collectors Association

The American Collectors Association is an international trade organization of credit and collection professionals that provides a variety of accounts receivable management services to over one million credit grantors. Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACA serves members in the United States, Canada and 55 other countries worldwide.

ACA has approximately 4,200 members including third-party collection agencies, collectors, credit grantors, attorneys and vendor affiliates. They have ethics rules for members and they may be able to help you if a member is violating Debt Collection Laws.

The American Collectors Association

Some Debt Collector's and Companies paid millions of dollars in fines for violating consumers rights.   Have a look at these fines.

Want To Play It Safe?

If it were me, I would Complain to everyone I could.

Senator Phil Gramm (Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee) is a good place to contact also.  The Banking Committee votes on the laws that effect debt collection practices. Senator Gramm and the other members who vote on the laws that protect consumers rights need to know what is going on.

You may want to contact the media (TV-Radio) and get a Public Defender or Investigative Reporter on TV to tell your story and help bring attention to these abuses. The creditors that use these types of Debt Collectors won't like the bad media and may stop doing business with collector's that violate the laws.

National Consumer Law Center

America's Foremost Advocate for Low-Income Consumer Justice and Its Leading Expert on Low-Income Consumer Issues.

Consumerama - People With A Beef

Once people picketed businesses they opposed... now they set up websites. Consumerama list companies that are targets of "online picketing" and links to websites of people who have a gripe or dispute with them. Also: links to FTC, attorney general, etc. investigations of these companies. Fun, informative, sometimes bizarre!

The Consumer Law Page

“A gold mine.” One Key Search. “Excellent.” Yahoo Unplugged,Web Magazine and America On Line. Top 5%. Practical legal information with articles on selecting a lawyer, handling accident and insurance claims, defective products, investment fraud, cancer/birth defects caused by chemical exposure at work and pollution. Free consultation and referral.

WeBbox - Bad, Better, & Best
Watchdog Reporting Bulletin Board

webBbox - The web Bad, Better & Best Businesses Bulletin Board is a free, open forum for consumers to post their good and bad experiences with on-line and off-line businesses.


Your guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisions from Stephen Barrett, M.D., a retired psychiatrist; nationally renowned author, editor, and consumer advocate;and expert in medical communications.

BayHouse WWW

Real Estate, Mortgage, Credit Dispute and FICO Credit Scoring information NOT normally available to the general public. Post your comments and questions at the BayHouse Forums.

Streetfighters Consumer Survival Guide

The Very Best Consumer Strategies To Protect You and Your Family. A straightforward roadmap for those seeking the tools to take on the predators that lurk at every turn. Arm yourself with the knowledge, wherewithal and strategies to fight back and prevail.

Florida Watch

Sunshine State Consumer Guide. Useful site for both residents and visitors.

Fragranced Products
Information Network

Perfumes and fragrances are triggers for asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies, migraine headaches, and chemical sensitivities. When you consider these populations combined, the impact on health and the economy are significant. Fragranced products do not have to be safety tested before marketing and there is little monitoring by regulatory agencies.

Stop Bad Therapy
Require Informed Consent for Therapy

To reform the mental health industry by requiring informed consent. Hypnosis, recovered memories, False Memory Syndrome, and how to report or sue a therapist.

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