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I Do Not Agree With All Of These Web Sites
But Freedom Of Speech Is Important

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Medical Billing Business

FREE internet based group devoted to providing education and legal information to consumers thinking of purchasing a medical billing business opportunity.

Candles and Indoor Air Quality

This site provides important info. for consumers regarding the effects of burning candles on the indoor air quality in their homes. Some candles are responsible for extensive & costly property damage to homes & their contents from soot deposition. A few makes of candles even emit particulate LEAD from lead wire in the wicks - these emissions will contaminate a home with LEAD DUST!

Mobile/Manufactured Home
(Owners) Network

The Mobile/Manufactured Home (Owners) Network is the premier on-line informational forum and nationwide one-stop-source for the manufactured home owners.

No Cards Shoppers

Shopping cards are a scam. We are the No-Cards Shoppers, consumers dedicated to opposing shopping cards that invade privacy, cause longer lines in check-out, and ultimately RAISE PRICES!


Extensive and informative site of all levels. Also, a great way to information about many topics of consumer interest.

I Hate

This site provides an account of my own protracted wranglings with the infernal online company I have also posted other stories that have been e-mailed to me about bad experiences with For your own sake, visit my site before buying from this company.

Albia Ice Webzene Page

All about home repair and purchasing for beginners to advanced. Articles include photos, and descriptive text that really show you how to do it yourself. Also, a chance to vote for your favorite brand of power tool.

Netwatch (Internet Fraud Watch

News and information about fraud schemes on the Internet.

Stop CRA!

The purpose of this web site is to expose the three major CRA's (credit reporting agencies). They invade your privacy & destroy peoples' reputations. Corporate information providers or corporate thugs? You decide!

Beware of Bank One!

This site provides information on the injustices of Bank One allegedly afflicts its customers with. The site also provides consumer information links.

Amway: The Continuing Story

Is Amway a cult? Some pretty strong evidence that the AMO's use both cult mind-control tactics and deception to further their own end. Also: a definitive list of terms used by distributors.

Colorado Prime Food Warning

Consumer warning and Buyer Beware about Colorado Prime Food service that offers to serve your food shopping needs with its frozen foods, dry goods and home products.

Internet Consumer Assistance

The Internet Consumer Assistance Bureau at is the web shoppers voice on the Net. Get information about a merchant before you buy or tell the rest of the web if you have a problem.

National Association Of
State Utility Consumer Advocates

NASUCA is a national organization of 42 offices of utility ratepayer advocates in 39 states and the District of Columbia. These advocates represent millions of American consumers served by investor-owned gas, telephone, electric, and water companies. E-Mail:

National Alliance Against
Construction Defects Forum

The National Alliance Against Construction Defects (NAACD) contains sites consisting of homes with construction defects. The NAACD is a source of information about builders who fail to comply with the UBC by using substandard materials, or failing to comply with the UBC. Many cities are failing to enforce the UBC inspection process. NAACD has been working with Federal, State, and local governments to write legislation, force agencies to investigate, and improve one of the largest industries.

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